How much oil does the world use in a day?


The world uses 85 million barrels a day.

At 42 gallons to the barrel, that’s three billion, five hundred and seventy million gallons of oil (3,570,000,000).

Niagara falls has a flow rate of 150,000 U.S. gallons per second.

3,570,000,000 of oil / 150,000 gallons per second = 23,800 seconds of flow equivalent.

In other words, if by some horrific means you were able to replace the flow over niagara falls with nothing but oil for 6.6 hours a day, that’s how much oil the 6 billion inhabitants of the earth burn every single day of every year, and have been for more or less the past ten years.

33 thoughts on “How much oil does the world use in a day?

  1. Timmothy

    That’s very bad news for humanity&all life & mother earth. Global warming is going to worsen, escalate at a faster rate and it will slowly wipe us out as every cause has an effect.

    We got change our attitude and find a solution to snap out of this complete madness of self destruction.

  2. Greg fry

    How is it possible that fossils could support that ? So you are saying that if you liquified all living things that it would yield 3 billion 570 million gallons a day ? No way

    • Arend van Ooij

      You are very wrong. Not all living things, but all things ever lived. EVER. Ever is a very very very long time. And not only fossils, also plants, mainly plants.

  3. Greg fry

    Global warming ? Yea as al gore freezes his ass of in may in his 40,000 square foot cottage after selling his network to oil producing terrorist ha ha he he he !
    Global warming is a lie .
    Let me ask you something , if there were a process by which a company created something but the byproduct was crude oil would you let them pump it into the ground ??? No way so why can’t we extract it ?
    You know that the use of oil did away with the need for the hunting of whales don’t cha ?

    • M Bratton

      And at 1,303,050,000,000,000 gallons per year producing crap that floods our air, you dont think that damages anything? Plus, at that rate, exactly how long do you think all the oil in the world is going to last? You people really need to wake up and do some thinking for yourselves.

      • Andy

        Hey um greg, did u ever think that oil has different effect when its in the air instead of trapped below ground, below the water table. Below everything so it cant contaminate the actual environment we live in. If I am not mistaken oil doesn’t effect the ozone later thousands of feet below ground. So your argument is invalid

    • Oil has only been being used for 200 years or so. People say “How will we survive without oil?” Well ask that to people 1,000 years ago. They still survived! And they never used oil a day in their life. To be honest, we’ll survive with or without oil.

  4. Vincent Schutt

    Whenever you see these things don’t believe till you calculate yourself. The American Falls flow 150k/sec. Niagara Falls – The American Side and the Canadian side are 750k/sec. Just google it.

    Always do your own calculations.

  5. Patricia Finks

    Has world wide consumption gone down since 2008? I am reading a book written in 2008 that says our oil consumption had passed 86 million barrels per day and expected to rise to 95 million by 2015. Is the information I’m reading inaccurate?

  6. Bill Giberson
    At a rate of 4.5 cubic miles per year, what is replacing the void that oil had occupied? Could we expect the earth in certain areas to collapse into a hole or could it be that oil is not the result of decayed vegetation and other decayable earthly substances. Being replaced over time by oil generated from an earthly process yet not understood by man…perhaps using sea water as its basis!

  7. carbinunit

    1000 years ago no need for oil. Now at 6+Billion carbinunits this rock it not enough. May need another rock? With oil ? How bout population control ? What it was 1000 years ago ! T.H.I.N.K.

  8. Jhon Jhon Jhon Jhon Jhon, real name

    “How bout population control ? What it was 1000 years ago ! T.H.I.N.K.” are you purposing we mass execute people so we don’t use so much oil, that’s messed up.

  9. Fossil Fool

    All we need to do, is stop buying gasoline, and start choosing methanol. If you worried about your food supply as one comment pointed out, the byproducts of distilling corn, are Methanol, and animal feed. It burns cleaner, and is renewable. Rockefeller lobbied in the U.S. Congress, to start what was known as prohibition, to undermine Henry Ford’s flex fuel vehicles in the 1920’s. Since 1995, almost every car sold in the U.S. has the ability to run on methanol, ethanol, gasoline, or any combination thereof. We in North America, need to start making noise about the oil companies having a monopoly at the fuel stations. Costco is an independent station, and any station that is, can give us the choice. Start asking for E85, Demand it. Any reason you can think of to not use ethanol, was a PR effort of misinformation, and the perpetrators are the oil companies.

  10. Geoff

    If a gallon of fuel produces water as a by product, how much extra water has been produced since the start of burning fossil fuels in the world. And would that water effect our environment.?

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