Brain dump on the state / future of media

  • People will eventually pay for content, one way or another. They already do, in some places (WSJ, Cooks Illustrated, etc.)
  • Many people say that whatever is coming next isn’t here yet – I disagree. I know individuals who are building entire (nascent) media brands on little more than sweat equity – without anyone noticing, some bloggers have begun, as their revenue streams have expanded, to turn into actual reporters – is a good example.
  • Charity is probably not the answer, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its place. (e.g. For-profit businesses, by definition, are capable of expanding, even thriving; charities are inherently self-limiting (or limited by the availability of those kinds of funds).
  • Things seem bad now, but remember, advertisers still want to reach audiences, and they’ll do it one way or another. This terrible advertising market will bottom out — and whoever is left standing will reap the benefits when it finally recovers.

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