Starvation: when stupidity and myopia kill millions


1) Extreme weather damages the corn crop.

2) Oil prices surge even as we subsidize the production of petrochemicals (and fail to subsidize the development of viable alternative fuels like wind and solar).

3) The EPA declines to lift its quota for minimum production of ethanol,

4) which only displaces a small amount of oil even when it is the sole source of fuel for a vehicle.

5) The rest of the world eats ever more meat, which requires more grain for the same amount of net consumable calories.

Result? Starvation of the poorest fifth.

Who needs ‘natural,’ Malthusian checks on our numbers when you have waste, inefficiency, and short-sightedness?

“But it is the poorest in the world who face the bleakest future – 800 million people who did not have enough to eat on a daily basis even before the recent huge rise in prices.”

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