A good thing: news-gathering being outsourced to India


Some Western publishers do their outsourcing in-house—Thomson Reuters (TRI), for instance, has moved basic Wall Street reporting on U.S., European, and Gulf equities to a new bureau in Bangalore. But other media companies prefer to outsource to the Indians directly. On June 24, Mindworks made global headlines when the Associated Press reported that the company had taken on copyediting and layout work for a couple of publications owned by the California media publishing group Orange County Register Communications.

Copyediting? Ship the Work Out to India

Reason #5,326 to stop relying on in-house reporting staff, or even freelancers, to do commodity news. Get some bloggers, do some outsourcing, sign up for the AP: whatever it takes, shunt the commodity news to commodity providers, and get your reporters actually writing about something that maybe, just maybe, no one has heard about / reported on yet (radical, I know).


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