The whimsical universe of painter Matthew Myers


Matthew Myers is a painter who puts funny, slightly cartoonish images on just about anything he can get his hands on–headboards, the tops of toilet tanks, a stretcher–even other paintings.

He also has a rare ability to give them thoughtful and amusing captions… at least one of his works constitutes one of the few pieces of social commentary I’ve ever encountered that actually made me laugh out loud (being somewhat epic, the captions are too small for viewing on the web on that one, alas).

Despite decades as an award-winning creative director for various advertising agencies, he’s relatively new to the fine art world, in terms of that being his main thing… I’ve little doubt that I’ll see his work on the cover of Juxtapoz in the near future, or his forthcoming children’s book on the shelves of B&N.

You can see more of Matthew Myers’ work at his online gallery.


One thought on “The whimsical universe of painter Matthew Myers

  1. 48colorrainbow

    Thanks for bringing his work to my attention. I like it. I will definitely check out his online gallery.

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