Watch the host of Man vs. Wild eat a scorpion


I would totally do this if I was really hungry. Maybe I’d kill it before eating it though. On the other hand, it’s hard to kill something with a distributed nervous system without first turning it into an even less-appetizing scorpion mash.

watch this guy eat a scorpion
(Click on the image to be redirected to the source video, which is one ep in Discovery’s iTunes feed, which is basically just snippets of their cable shows and is, frustratingly, solely focused on pushing you to watch their real cash cow–television–rather than creating a satisfying experience for fans who would prefer to consume the content through iTunes and on portable devices.)


2 thoughts on “Watch the host of Man vs. Wild eat a scorpion

  1. You know what would make a good SCIAM piece: analyzing the pros and cons (in terms of energy expenditure) of eating insects.

    From what I understand – most insects are edible – but mankind never really looked to them as a source of protein because the amount of energy it takes to gather them is not worth the amount of energy you get back by eating them. Except for a few tribes in Africa that live in proximity to some huge insects – it just doesn’t make sense.

    Really – if you were in the wild and trying to survive – you’d only want to start hunting scorpions if there was nothing bigger or meatier around.

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