Some day all journalists who go on location will be video journalists (on top of everything else)


Tammy Haddad, former executive producer of Hardball, got herself a small image-stabilized video camera that records straight to memory cards and has set herself up as an independent media consultant and video blogger. (Details here.)

Mostly this illustrates that the technology has fallen so far in price ($700 for the Sanyo HD1000 High-Definition Camcorder; about $10 a gig for the anywhere from 4 to 16 gig SDHC cards it records to) and become so simple to use that it would simply be wasteful not to record on-location interviews on video.

Given her experience, whatever they’re paying Tammy is probably about 10-20x the monetizable value of the product she’s generating. Not her fault, but given the sorry state of web advertising and the newness of magazines-as-video destinations, it’s going to be a while before it makes economic sense to do this as anything other than a value-add to existing coverage.

By the way Newsweek, you guys are idiots for disabling embedding of Tammy’s videos. Good luck getting enough views to satisfy your advertisers without the extra views you could have garnered by letting bloggers and the like splash her political coverage across their sites.

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