The most innovative form of online ‘journalism’ I’ve seen in months


What gets me going is when people come up with whole new formats. That is, instead of saying “oh let’s do a [feature story / news brief / Q&A / charticle / listicle / column / etc. ] on the whereabouts of deposed dictators,” they say “hey, let’s come up with an entirely new way to tell stories.”

Slates is pretty good at this. They invented textcasting, and while this is no longer new, in the early days their podcasts were excellent at a time when few were (they’re still among my favorites).

Here they’ve combined a gallery with video (not common, but not too bizarre) with a unique style of commentary. It’s not a discourse on the significance of the world’s most disgusting video — it’s a discourse on the reactions of viewers to the world’s most disgusting video! Brilliant!

Slate: 2 Girls 1 Cup o’ Shame

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