YouTube is the dumbest place on Earth


It’s not like XKCD didn’t say it first and say it better, but it really is true — the commenters on YouTube are quite possibly the stupidest people on earth.

In 2006, while covering it for Scientific American, I shot five videos at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas, and now once a week the comment robot at YouTube helpfully notifies me that some mouth-breather has spilled his or her genius insight below castoff clips I’d just as soon forget.

For example:

The original caption on one of the videos

More ridiculousness from the Consumer Electronics Show – these woofers, embedded in the back of a truck, spin… for no apparent reason.

…and a typical comment…

well achmed they spin because its jsut plain fucking cool how many people do you kno that have like 12 subs in their trunk that spin O.o

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