Mims’ Beef With Mims “Over” – Yay Twitter!


The episode with losing my twitter name had a happy resolution, as I received the following today:

Hi Christopher,

Just wanted to confirm: your user name is yours again. We have a list of requested names from MTV who potentially belong to other people, but if they don’t want to give them up, they don’t have to. Most times people don’t mind, but sometimes they do; we apologize for the trouble. Let me know if you have any more questions.

Aha! So it was MTV that tried to steal my username. Somehow I’m not surprised. If they weren’t already loathing themselves for creating some of the lowest brow entertainment on Earth I’d take this opportunity to heap even more scorn on them.

Three cheers to Twitter for doing the right thing.

6 thoughts on “Mims’ Beef With Mims “Over” – Yay Twitter!

  1. “We have a list of requested names from MTV who potentially belong to other people, but if they don’t want to give them up, they don’t have to.”

    That doesn’t sound like the previously described situation (being informed that your username was changed). The email from Twitter makes it sound like people were ASKED to change usernames.

  2. @cmadler – go back and read the first post describing what happened — however Twitter wants to spin it after the fact, this was a shoot first (i.e. change my username and claim it was for reasons of trademark infringement) / ask questions later (i.e. tell me after the fact about this, via email) type situation.

  3. DBL

    You should definitely not be congratulating Twitter for mass-cancelling people’s usernames with no individual review at the request of a third party, and then only granting relief to those who aren’t too intimidated and manage to convince themselves that they might get some relief from complaining about it.

    This is a major corporation bullying ordinary people out of their usernames with Twitter as an accomplice, forcing them all to fight to recover what was theirs.

    It’s the exact opposite of what is the right way to do this. If Twitter cannot afford the time to review user account complaints on a case-by-case basis, then they shouldn’t accept such complaints at all. Just taking companies like MTV at their word and doing a blanket list-based ban is hostile to their user base, essentially opening it up to capricious raping by third parties.

    Twitter has handled this terribly, and considering the way they shot themselves in the foot with the whole Ariel Waldman fiasco, it’s obvious that the people at Twitter have no clue how to protect their users and shouldn’t be in the business they’re in. Other online entities get this right — it isn’t rocket science.

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