Memo to Jeff Jarvis – Don’t You Go Talkin’ Bout Slate V That Way


Slate V

Jeff Jarvis, new media pundit, took a break from telling us how the same Americans who average four hours of television a day are about to redirect their zest for life into becoming citizen journalists, in order to hate on the new Slate V.

Sure, Slate’s new video offering is a little rough around the edges. For instance, why is Prudie, Slate’s advice columnist, answering reader mail while sitting on a bed? I for one am uncomfortable with this forced intimacy.

That said, WTF is Jarvis talking about?

How can a minute and a half be so boring: a explanation of Rhode Island’s size

After that little koan in need of a copy-edit, he hates on Slate’s sendup of Rudy Giuliani’s infamous verbal duel with angry ferret owners.

Of course, if he’d ever watched Dr. Katz, he’d get it. See here:

Finally, like some irate stingray, he delivers the killing blow:

Maybe Slate would be better off finding the funnier videos other people make.

Duh duh da dum!

I suppose Jarvis could always take his own advice, only I imagine he’d resent turning his blog into an aggregator of cribbed, better-written versions of his own thoughts.

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